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Some days things are just good.

My roommate is cranky, but aside from that I don’t really have any complaints about today. How often can people say that? I mean, I think I complained today, at times, though I didn’t mean to. But I don’t have any overall complaints. Work was fine, all the things that were going wrong seem like they’ve been fixed and I have a new supervisor that has reigned in all the mistakes of my previous one. They’ve even started my promotion paperwork (which I was told would happen over a month ago, but that was other supervisor). I’m back on track at work, and I even managed to draw Ruby multiple times and she didn’t look completely demented even once. That’s not related to work, but that’s some #artpride right there. Progress is always worth celebrating.

Actually, there is one art complaint I could easily make – I’m still struggling with the Wacom. I’ve had to uninstall/reinstall the drivers twice now, and there’s been serious trouble with registration. I also was originally trying to work with Gimp, a program I know rather well, but there were so many glitches so I tried a different program (Krita, which I’d never heard before let alone played with). I have so far played with colors and shading the basic shapes…which I know I’m not a super artist, but I’ve always been extra super bad at the shapes. Once I learn a bit more about the program itself (especially selection, layers, blending options, etc) I’m going to give them another go. I want to know a bit more before I start sharing even the scraps, though I probably will share the scraps of my first attempts after I have something I feel better about to compare it to.

But none of that is really a complaint as much as a ‘welp gotta roll with it!’ kind of thing. My goal is to learn and learn I am trying to do. Now, since I talked about drawing I don’t feel I can leave this post without some of my scraps.

First is a check-back with my old favorite – I’ve shaded a bit more and I think it looks quiet a bit better now…even if I put Steven’s shadow-arm in the wrong spot.


This is simply a sick day sketch dump. I was still really feeling awful on Monday, but I also didn’t want to not draw something, so I started working on something I thought couldn’t turn out too bad, considering I’ve drawn quite a bit of Ruby and Sapphire. Then I got mad at how it was going and started throwing down a bunch of other things. All from memory, since I couldn’t have references when I was drawing these. For not using any references at all I don’t think I did horribly. It could be a lot better, but it’s not the worst I’ve ever made. Doing a dump also gave me chances to work on a few smaller details (like attempting to draw walking…and dancing, which I have a lot of other really bad flops of attempting that pose elsewhere which are even worse than these – no I will not share them). Then I started sketching out a thought and it turned into a cute little Pearl, and then I had to give the Pearl a little story, and then that story gave me another sketchy. That being the Garnet in the bubble room sketchy there beside her.

Then I sketched her some more. I really like her actually. She could be really helpful for me developing something of my own. It’s not totally mine, I know, but it’ll help me branch out some more.
Lastly are a few pieces from a bit of a longer thing I’m making that I’ve been calling ‘Getting to Know You,’ which I’d also include the other little Ruby-Sapphire bits as well. It’s just them getting to know each other during that time between when they escape Blue and join Rose. Oh and also that one from before they come to Earth at all.

My goal is to ‘draw a little every day.’ Sometimes that becomes very little, and unfortunately for a few days there that little bit was limited to very minimal attempts at coloring in Krita. But we don’t get better if we don’t keep at it. So I’m going to keep at it. My other goal is to write a little every day. So far I’ve been doing mediocre at that, and I’m not counting twitter posts as writing since 14o characters is about the equivalent of a couple of texts. Or one text, depending on what’s going on. I’ve written some summaries of ideas but I haven’t started developing those ideas yet. If I ever want to use my writing to buy a car, or something else that it’d be nice to have extra money outside of my paycheck to buy, I know I really need to get started on that.

Oh, semi-unrelated to the art, but Cartoon Network added a clip from one of the upcoming SU bomb episodes. The whole episode was already leaked so most people have already seen it so it’s been a bit of a big deal. At least the leak entirely watchable, so here is the very watchable clippit they put out:


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