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The Hero of Theorule Returns!

Matthew Patrick, more lovingly known as MatPat, is returning to the YouTube livestream tonight! Actually in less than thirty minutes, but I just got off work so please forgive me for not having this pre-prepared.

One day I might go more into detail about the great MatPat, but right now here’s a simple short explanation: He is the game theorist, also the film theorist, and almost every day of every week he has a gaming livestream, and the worst controversy I’ve ever seen him face is “COME ON MATPAT MAKE ALEX SPEAK!” when he played Oxenfree. He’s originally from Ohio, like all the world’s greatest people, he loves Diet Coke, but I can forgive him for that, and he has a cat called Skip, oh and also a super amazing wife that is pretty much half the reason I watch the stream. Obviously MatPat is the other half, but Stephanie is absolutely amazing. You can find them on twitter @GtLive or @CordyPatrick, and of course you can always find them on YouTube. Which you should do tonight.

Or if you don’t want to or if you miss it (since it’ll only be tonight once), here’s a couple generally safe videos for you to check out. One is a theory based around the plethora of zombie tales we have and the other is a live stream of the Impossible Quiz (book) which forever whoops their butts.


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