For Your Viewing Pleasure: People Watching




Let’s just start you right here with episode one:

Ok, speed dating isn’t necessarily a topic everyone can relate to, but their premiere episode still had my interests piqued. I’ll admit I haven’t watched every episode of this series, but the ones I have are absolutely spectacular. This series never disappoints, and often it drops bombs of emotion and just really seems to manage to connect to me.

I also can highly recommend this to anyone who judges millennials at large in any negative capacity. A couple of the videos in this series (two of my favorites, actually) might help them remember a bit more what it was like to be twenty-something and scrambling in a world that they were never really properly prepared for. They might not be able to relate to everything, like the ever changing technology, rapidly changing society, or the fact that college is not even close to what it used to be. We truly are overall more educated and vastly more underpaid for that education than any previous generation, considering college is now essentially a requirement for even the most basic of jobs. No lie – when I was looking at jobs in my last year of college, ‘McDonald’s Manager’ was on the list on my school’s job search website. Not some high up manager either. It was for your average shift manager. Yes, that’s still a job you can get without a degree. But they, like many others, prefer a degree. College degrees now are what high school degrees were in the 80s. On top of that, college costs are wildly out of proportion with the average family’s yearly salaries when compared to just twenty years ago. While average wages have barely risen, college costs have skyrocketed over 300%. Now…People Watching hasn’t addressed that topic too much. That’s just a topic that continues to frustrate me the more I see people bickering about millennials and the perceived entitlement issues and completely missing the entire planet with their complaints. Anyway, that has been a ramble. And now to get back on topic.

Here’s some important credits to know: The series is published by Cracked.com on their YouTube channel and it was created by Winston Rowentree whose last name makes me think of hobbits for some reason. I’m sure he is not himself a hobbit. He also has a webcomic called Subnormality (link is for the Patreon page if you would like to support his work) that I have not read but seems pretty good. I’ll admit I don’t know much about him but if this video series is any indication then I adore this man.

People Watching covers a lot of various topics using so many interesting characters that I can’t pick just one as a favorite. The proud stripper (no, there is no stripping in the series, she is just unashamed of her job as a stripper and I am proud of her for it even though she is just a cartoon) is easily the most memorable. She’s the one on the title card of the first episode and her truth bombs tend to be the ones that sink in the deepest. The series also takes on all sorts of topics, ranging from simple, such as performers interacting with their fans (who often act like the performers owe them something), to complex, like functioning on a social level when you have depression. I want to link all of them here for you to watch, but I’ll only post three more. The first is episode 10, which they just released two days ago (at the time of my writing this), and the other two are episodes 2 and 7. If nothing else I encourage you to at least watch episode 10, but if you find yourself interested in what more there is to offer then keep on scrolling down. If you want more than that, well, the playlist is only a click away.


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