First blog post

This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Well, thank you for that lovely information.

Actually, there’s a point to keeping this post somewhat in tact. See, this isn’t the first blog I’ve attempted to make. I do hope it will be the last though. Every single other time I focused on a theme, tried to force myself to follow a business form that would get me…somewhere. I’m not sure where. I mean, I would like to make a living as a writer, but I also recognize that since college I haven’t put any effort into that dream. And, to be honest, I’m not too upset with my current place in life either. I wish I made a bit more money so bills wouldn’t be as worrisome and maybe I could pay off my loans and help out my mom (who is, no matter what anyone says, a superhero) more, but I don’t hate my job. I hate a lot of things, but not my job. I’d love a better job that I was more passionate about, but my current job isn’t thoughtless, heartless, or soul-destroying.

Anyway, there’s your first of many rambles. Work doesn’t suck. It’s not great but it doesn’t suck. Woooo!

Ok, so I do want to address my goals before I close this first post off. My reason for starting this (and the attached twitter – @theramblepedia – and reddit accounts) is so I can track my improvement across a few particular hobbies:

1. Writing. I love writing but I’ve been in such a deep funk that I haven’t written anything worthwhile since May 2015. I can pinpoint that exactly as that was when I fully published my last fully completed fanfiction. My goal wasn’t for fanfiction to be where my writing ended, but, due to a great many life upheavals and the ensuing depression that followed, it was. So I’m doing this blog as a way to try to get myself at least creating strings of words again. That’s a starting place.

Mostly my writing will be about things that I care about. I’m going to try to keep it upbeat, but the things we care about aren’t always easy or light topics. What I’m not going to do is attempt to write about a specific topic or write a specific type of blog post just to try to set myself up for an Editorial Job or to get more views or to become independent. Focusing on that first is what has killed my writing previously. I don’t love the business part of it, and trying to be a business person just tends to ruin everything for me. Don’t get me wrong, I would love the chance to write an article for the New York Times or to get a wonderful job as an Editor or even as a Proofreader, but this blog is not my resume. This blog is me and my writing.

2. Art. I used to draw – a lot. I loved art when I was in high school. I thought I might have a future as some sort of artist and there were many Deviant Artists that I aspired to be like one day. This…also never came to fruition. There will be another post that follows in a category I’m going to call “I’m Going To Learn Something” tracking where I’ve been lately and what my goals are.

3. Animation. This has been a greater goal of mine since my freshman year of high school when I first noticed how freaking beautiful the ballroom scene in Beauty and the Beast was.

I recently had a similar feeling when I went to watch Zootopia:

These scenes are extremely different, but each in their own way inspire me and remind me of the beauty that we can create when we put enough passion and care into what we’re doing. There are other videos not by big studios as well, but those will be popping up in various other videos as their turn on the blog-o-likes comes up. They range from tv animation to art school students projects uploaded to YouTube to fanvideos that can just blow the mind when you consider how passionate that person was for something to pour two years of their life into a seven minute animation that only fans of a show are going to truly appreciate. Well, and fans of animation too I suppose.


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